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Delivery of backdrops in Russia is carried out in a roll by SDEK or another as agreed.

For buyers from Russia, payment is made to the IP account (100% prepayment). Other options are available by agreement.

Foreign countries
At the moment, delivery outside of Russia is carried out with the help of DHL. To send the backdrops, they must be folded and the background in this case is not equipped with an aluminum tube base (except for the backgrounds of the smallest size). After delivery, you will need to steam the background, watch the video. Sending backdrops via DHL in a roll with a pipe involves an additional payment for oversized cargo, approximately 4,500 rubles, regardless of the number of backdrops in the package. Sending in rolls requires a prior request from DHL, which will increase the processing time for the backdrop purchase by 2-3 days.
In addition to DHL delivery, delivery using the Russian Post is possible. The advantage of the Russian Post over DHL is the lower price for the delivery service and the ability to deliver rolls of almost all sizes without additional payment for oversized cargo. The downside is the long delivery time and the lack of cargo insurance when shipped to some countries. Specify the possibility and terms of delivery of backgrounds purchased by Russian Post by contacting us.

For buyers outside of Russia, payment is currently possible in several ways:
1. Using the service. Please check if this service in your country allows you to make money transfers to Russia.
2. Payment by bank transfer through my trustee in Italy.
3. With the help of cryptocurrency.
Attention! The price of goods sent outside of Russia increases by 10%. Minimum order amount excluding shipping $350

Студия Backdrops by Alexeysaveliev находится в Петродворцовом районе Санкт-Петербурга, в России. Связаться с нами Вы можете написав или позвонив на WhatsApp.
+7 911 0915628
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