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Art hand painted backdrops

In any work of art, nuances are important. It is the combination of many of them that distinguishes a brilliant photo from just a good one. Subtle and very important points in the manufacture of my backs, I still study - and only by experience. I guarantee the quality of the backdrops of my workshop, and continue to improve them every year, bringing them to perfection.

Alexey Saveliev
тканевый фон, фон для фото, художественные фоны
The studio began its activity in 2017 in St. Petersburg. She became the first in Russia to manufacture and sell hand-painted backdrops on canvas. The founder of the studio is Alexey Saveliev
Our backdrops are made only from natural high quality canvas.

Backdrops by Alexeysaveliev

Edition backdrops

Each new edition is marked by some significant change in our product. You can find out more information about the specifics of each new edition here
фоны из холста, фон для портрета
Each new edition of backdrops is due to some significant change in our product. In 2017, the beginning of everything was edition 01, and at the moment we are already producing and selling the eighth and tenth editions. Backdrops 08 edition are made from high quality 11.5 oz/sq yd canvas. The drawing is done by hand, so each backdrop is unique. The basis of the roll is a round wooden rod 28mm. It prevents the backdrop from being damaged in transit and can be used during installation for filming.
In the summer of 2022, the tenth edition of our backdrops with a density of 290 g/m2 will appear on the site.

Making backdrops

Our advantages

  • Quality canvas
    Since the beginning of our activity in 2017, we have tried different canvases and chose the best one for such backdrops. This is not the best price-quality, namely the best canvas.
  • Master - Photographer
    A drawing master is a person who has been doing photography for more than 20 years, who is well acquainted with the classic photo portrait and understands how the backdrop can and will look in a photograph. When buying a backdrop, you will receive advice directly from him.
  • Range
    Each of our backdrops is unique and created in a single copy. The site does not contain examples of drawings of backdrops, similar to which you can order, but photos of the backdrops themselves that are currently available. You will receive exactly what you see in the photo.
  • We are chosen by the best
    Among the owners of our backdrops, both photographers with a high professional level, and just good photographers. This is another confirmation of the level of our product and its availability.
    Some of the owners, Insta accounts:
    @igor_sakharov @medvdv @bulavina @ilyarashap @alessandro.scepi @anna_krauklis_fineart @mayak_studios @dayvera @dusiasobol @photographer_natalia_pipkina @mikheeva_yulia_foto @nastymagazine @jennymurashova @adam.amouri @joshtelles @rakova_photo @fotograftrinelisehenriksen @maverick.christian @zoom_fotoatelier @alexanderkhokhlovcom @photoschool tikhomiroff @paulinagwaltney @benwulfphoto @lanakoval_ph
  • Reviews
    So far, we do not have a special form for feedback, and therefore you can see the true reaction of customers to our product in the context of the dialogue
Студия Backdrops by Alexeysaveliev находится в Петродворцовом районе Санкт-Петербурга, в России. Связаться с нами Вы можете написав или позвонив на WhatsApp.
+7 911 0915628
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