How to buy a backdrop
The page contains original photos of the backgrounds currently available. Each background is unique and only available in the sizes shown.


Choose the desired background

If you need a specific color, you can use the color filter at the beginning of the store gallery. Under the photos of the backgrounds, the article, size and price of the product are indicated.


Having made a preliminary selection of the backdrop, go to its page by clicking on the image. You will see more information about this product and photos that you can enlarge, download and see in the editor how the background will look with your presets.
Once you've made your choice, send us a WhatsApp message. Indicate in it your country, city, postal code and the payment method available to you.
Information about available payment methods is available on the INFO page in the Shipping and payment section.
Outside Russia, shipment is carried out by DHL or BXB (Boxberry) within 1-3 days from the date of receipt of payment. By default, all parcels are insured for the actual value of the investment.
For most questions, you can find information on the INFO page. If there is no answer, contact us with a question by writing to WhatsApp
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